When Will We Learn?

An investigation has begun into what caused the crane to collapse onto a unit block on Brodie Spark Drive at Wolli Creek on Sunday. Three construction workers were taken to hospital for treatment after the accident, one with a suspected broken leg.  No one was inside the crane at the time of the crash.

Crane incidents are a low probability and high impact risk category.  Not enough attention is paid to the risks involved in using cranes, particularly in built up areas. This is usually due to lack of knowledge and awareness.

Some key contributing factors to crane failures are: human error, insufficient planning, unauthorised changes and violating manufacturer’s recommendation.  Every high risk activity should address the following three points before proceeding:

  1. Do you have effective and adequate safeguards in place to identify and eliminate deficiencies?
  2. Are the intended safeguards adequate and have been properly constructed, tested and maintained?
  3. Have you engaged an “Independent Competent Verification” and “Active On-Site Monitoring” process to provide assurance?

Published By:  9 News on 6 August 2017

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