Critical Lifting & Transportation

Awareness and lack of knowledge, human errors, process errors and not following correct procedures are the main causes of accidents in lifting and transportation which result in death, injury and significant costs and time consequently effecting the clients’ reputation and credibility.

Adding Value:

The benefits of our specialised technical support throughout the planning and execution of critical lifting and transportation are:

  • Innovative transport strategies from manufacturer to end user
  • Overcoming difficulties related to road-access through early inclusion of logistics
  • Identifying opportunity for modularization
  • Provide rigging input into structural design and mechanical equipment
  • Alternative lifting solutions, jacks, slides, monorails, etc.
  • Maximize schedule and budget
  • Minimize risks and liabilities

Our Services:

What do you gain by bringing an independent point of view to your team?

We provide comprehensive engineering solutions and monitor project operations whilst ensuring compliance and safety requirements to Standards, Code of Practice, and clients’ specifications through:

  • Assistance in the development of bid specifications for specialised contract
  • Support development of construction execution strategy
  • Develop project specific lifting plan and procedures
  • Determine heavy-haul transportation requirements, route impact study
  • Modularization of equipment and structure
  • Review and verification of lifting plan and engineering
  • Evaluation of operation procedures, crane layout and rigging configuration
  • Evaluation of lifting devices and lifting attachments
  • Evaluation of crane ground loads and supports
  • On-site testing and inspections
  • Monitor stages of operation: set-up, rigging, lifting, dismantling and transportation
  • Provide on-site rigging and lift plan training

Our Experience:

Our experience encompasses Mobile Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, Multi-Crane Lifts, Overhead Travelling Cranes, Gantry Systems, and Special Lifting Systems across a diverse range of construction and industrial conditions.