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Incerto Engineering provides specialised engineering and technical support; delivering best practice in the area of safety critical and complex tasks ensuring compliance and preventing the risk of failure.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the proven technical expertise and operational experience to help you to achieve your project objectives in a safe and efficient manner.   We offer a range of construction engineering consultancy services which include:

  • Project Management
  • Specialised Engineering Support
  • Critical / Heavy Lift Auditing
  • Independent Competent Verification
  • On-site Active Monitoring
  • Technical Training
  • Systematic Analysis of Accidents and Failures

By adapting our vigorous “Independent Competent Verification” and “Active On-Site Monitoring” services you can safeguard your project. We ensure effective and adequate measures are in place to eliminate deficiencies and uncertainty.

We also ensure the intending safeguards are adequate and properly constructed, tested, maintained, or been removed.  

We take pride in our culture: performance, safety and integrity.

Incerto Engineering gains enormous satisfaction from helping client teams develop their skills with our support “we work alongside you”



Alec Shabanz
B.E. (Civil), M.Proj.Mgt.
Mobile: 0458 751 612